Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Erin Andrews and Our Depravity

For those of you who aren't regular viewers of ESPN, Erin Andrews is one of the sports network's sideline reporters for college and pro football. Just recently one of Andrews "fans" dug a hole through her hotel room and filmed her naked. You can probably imagine what he did with the video; yes, he (I am assuming it was a he) posted it on the Internet.

While this is disgusting in and of itself, the telling point is that the video was the number one search on the web yesterday and today. It might well be the for some days to come.

Lee Rusakoff has an interesting post on today with his response to the situation; it (and the comments) is worth a read simply to see the world's reaction to what Rusakoff calls "perversion".

Here are a few of my thoughts regarding Rusakoff's thought-provoking post:

1) The video is a mirror of who we are; while many will agree that the invasion of privacy and posting of the video is morally wrong, millions more (and perhaps some of the same) people viewed the video. When the right response was disgust, for many the only response was lust. The video truly does show that our morals have been severely corrupted. The biggest problem here is not the video, but all of the millions who are viewing it.

2) Rusakoff says that the video reveals not the de-evolution of our culture, but rather the non-evolution. He misses the reality that not only have our morals been severely corrupted, they have also been incurably corrupted apart from Christ. Our culture will never improve on it's own, it can only improve as it is transformed by Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

3) How do we as Christian's respond? Simple -- we live holy, pure lives, and as we do we spread the one thing that can transform our culture -- the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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