Saturday, June 27, 2009

Praise for Two Wonderful Parents

Tomorrow I am having dual celebration with my parents.......a late Father's Day with my dad and a birthday with mom (I will leave out which birthday it is, although she is younger than you might think!).

Like many people, as I grow older and gain more experience as a parent, I appreciate my parents more and more. This appreciation is in both the big and little things. For example, I took my boys fishing the other day and came away with a new appreciation for my dad for all of the worms he put on hooks and fishing lines he untangled.

My parents aren't perfect, of course, but they did, and still do, get a lot of things right. And most significantly, they get the most important things right -- faith and family.

My parents led me to faith in Christ at an early age and have nurtured that faith ever since -- including up to the current moment. That's another thing I am learning to appreciate -- parenting doesn't have an expiration date.

My dad and mom have different ways of nurturing my faith -- for my mom it has been words and service, for my dad it has been quiet presence and prayer. Different methods, but the same positive effect.

My parents have also taught me how to be a husband and father and continue to assist me in carrying out these roles. Their love for my family is evident and they daily model for me how to care for my children and (hopefully) future grandchildren.

I realize that I don't know how blessed I will likely take eternity t0 truly reveal that. But for today I want to thank my heavenly Father for what I do know -- the wonderful grace He has shown me through Willie & Melinda Carr.

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