Monday, February 14, 2011

Reading Update Week #1

Well, I didn't quite meet my goal -- but since my Kindle says I am 70% done with my second book (which actually means I only have 10% or so left due to the appendices) I did come close enough to give a review of both.

The first book was The Intentional Church by Randy Pope. He is the Senior Pastor of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, a large church that has planted more than 30 churches in the Atlanta area over the last two decades. I picked up this book (or I guess I should say downloaded it) wanting to learn about what Perimeter calls life-on-life missional discipleship. However, while this is a major focus of the church's ministry, it wasn't a focus of the book. The book was more of a how-to manual building an impactful church. While there were many helpful things in the book, and I would highly recommend it to anyone new to this genre, many of the things that Pope covers I have read and/or learned from prior sources.

The second book, which I hope to complete in the next day or so, is To Transform a City by Eric Swanson and Sam Williams. To say the least, this book is transformational and it will take a second careful reading before I am able to give a detailed review. For those who are interested in community transformation, this is a fantastic resource and very thought-provoking. For the uninitiated however, I might suggest that you begin with Generous Justice by Tim Keller for a theological treatise on the issue, and then turn to Transform a City and A New Kind of Big by Chip Sweney for the action steps. Either way, get this book and read it soon.

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