Friday, May 15, 2009


A good friend of mind is currently in the rigorous, expensive, and tremendously joyful process of adopting a child from an Eastern European country. As I have walked through a portion of the process with him it has given me great pause to consider how Christians should highly consider adpoting and/or supporting adoption.

Why? While there are numerous reasons here are two significant ones:

1. Human adoption serves as a picture of spiritual adoption. Galatians 4:1-7 tells us that God has adopted believers into His family and given us the full rights of sons. Though we have done nothing to deserve this free gift, God graciously redeems us and makes us his own. Therefore, when humans adopt a child that has done nothing to deserve adoption, it gives a little picture to the world of the adoption that God offers to those who believe in His Son.

2. Human adoption reflects God's heart of compassion for orphans. Both the OT and the NT are clear that God has a special affection for orphans and therefore His true followers will as well. You simply cannot read the OT and not come away with the realization that God loves orphans. Likewise, in the NT the Apostle James tells us that looking after orphans is one of the signs of true religion.

So, what might God be calling you to in regards to adoption?

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