Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Do You Think of This Quote?

One of our staff members at Bethel shared the quote below today. I'd like to hear your response.

We need to have kids that can be sent off to the most hostile universities, toil in the greediest work environments, and raise their families in the most hedonistic communities and yet not be in the least bit intimidated by their surroundings. Furthermore, they need to be engaged in the lives of people in their culture, gracefully representing Christ's love inside those desperate surroundings. - Dr. Tim Kimmel


  1. It's a great aspiration. The real question is "how?"

  2. Not only kids but everyone who counts them self a disciple of Christ should aspire to this high watermark in Christ: holy living and wholly devoted to love our neighbor as our self especially when our neighbor does not deserve our personal sacrifice.




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