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Author Interview - Dr. Bob Kellemen

This blog post is unique in two ways. This post is an author interview -- a first for me. And being a interview, it is significantly longer than most of my other posts. I hope that won't discourage you from reading as I think you will be blessed by what you find.

The interviewee is Dr. Bob Kellemen, author of the recently released book God’s Healing for Life’s Losses: How to Find Hope When You’re Hurting.

Let me begin by quickly introducing you to Dr. Kellemen. Bob has served as a pastor, counselor, professor and seminary department chairman. He is also an accomplished author and blogger, and his ministry has touched lives around the world. I admire Bob for many reasons, not the least of which is his NW Indiana heritage and his love for the Chicago Bulls. For more on Dr. Kellemen and his ministry, visit

God's Healing for Life's Losses is a short book, but it is packed with life-changing truth. We all face pain and hurt, and Dr. Kellemen provides succinct, Biblical wisdom for how to handle life's difficulties in a spiritually-healthy and God-honoring way. Here are a few questions that Bob answers about his book:

Dr. Kellemen, what’s the “big idea” behind God’s Healing for Life’s Losses? What would you like readers to take away from it?

In a biblical sentence: you can grieve with hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13). God’s Healing for Life’s Losses gives readers permission to grieve and offers a pathway toward hope. I want people to see their suffering from God’s perspective without denying the reality that suffering still hurts.

What would I like readers to take away?

The title and subtitle say it best. I’d like readers to walk away with God’s healing hope.

Who should read God’s Healing for Life’s Losses?

Sometimes the second we hear words like loss and grief, our minds focus exclusively on death and dying. God’s Healing for Life’s Losses focuses on any type of loss—from the grand loss of death, to the daily casket experiences of the loss of a job, the loss of a dream, the loss of a relationship… anyone struggling with any life loss would benefit from reading God’s Healing.

God’s Healing for Life’s Losses also equips spiritual friends, pastors, and counselors. When we’re helping hurting people, it can get messy and confusing. A few “handles,” a few “road markers” on the journey sure would help. That’s what God’s Healing for Life’s Losses offers. It provides a “map” without becoming a straight-jacket. It suggests eight “directional markers” that become something of a GPS—God’s Positioning System—for the grief and growth journey.

God’s Healing for Life’s Losses examines Scripture relationally and practically so that helpers grow in their ability to explore passages with hurting people—and do so in a natural, loving, caring, skillful way. Also, the two built-in discussion/application guides benefit small group leaders—providing an ideal forum and format for candid discussions about grief, emotions, hurt, hope, healing, God’s purposes, and much more.

In the four stages of grieving, you use your own grief experience as an example. Tell my readers about your grief story.

On my 21st birthday, I entered official adulthood not only because I turned 21, but also because my father passed away on my birthday. And for a year, I lived basically in denial—not really facing deeply the loss of my father. Then on my 22nd birthday, I began to move from denial to candor. I remember like it was yesterday—walking around the outskirts of the campus of Grace Seminary—telling myself the truth about how I felt, how I grieved the loss of my Dad. Over the course of that entire next year, I continued to move through the grief process. Again, walking the seminary campus, I had some long conversations with God. I lamented—I shared my heart about my hurt. During those times I cried out to God, acknowledging not only how much I missed my earthly father, but how much I longed for God as my heavenly Father. During those spiritual conversations I began to find God’s comfort—His hope in my hurt. I tell it now like it was a nice neat process, but at the time it was anything but. God and I had some messy, real, and raw conversations. I prayed my feelings to God. I wept. I surrendered. I asked God for comfort and He came.

How can people learn more about God’s Healing for Life’s Losses?

On my website at people can find and download a free sample chapter of the book. Also at my website, people can order the book at 33% off. Additionally, I offer seminars around the country on God’s Healing for Life’s Losses. People can find my speaking schedule at the website. If a church or para-church group is interested in seeing if I could speak for their group, they can contact me at

If you are interested in a free copy of the book, post a comment after reading the interview and you may be selected to receive a complimentary copy.

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