Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Final 10% Relationally

Here is a great post by Craig Groeschel on his lifechurch.tv blog:

I’ve noticed that when it comes to relationships, it is easy for me to rationalize giving 90%.

 In my marriage, I might believe that when I serve Amy with 90% of my heart, I’m still offering her more than most men do.

 In my friendships, if I’m giving 90% of my best, most would be satisfied with my commitment.

 In my ministry relationships, if I serve pastors with 90% efforts, that is probably way better than most.

Jesus taught us to go the “extra mile” or give our coat as well as a shirt. If I stop serving others when I’ve given 90%, I haven’t given my best.

I’m writing this post on a plane after being at an out of town funeral. Normally, I would have flown home on an earlier flight. Today I booked a later flight to spend a little extra time ministering to the family.

Even though I’m very tired as I type this and I miss my wife and kids dearly, I’m still thankful God gave me the chance to give my final 10% to a family in need.

How have you recently shown the final 10% relationally? How have you not?

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