Monday, March 21, 2011

21 Great Questions for Leaders

Perry Noble:

God blew my mind while reading the book of James the other morning…and I’ve listed some leadership questions that every leader/potential leader needs to think about and pray through.

1. Do I understand who I am? James 1:1 – notice James didn’t identify himself as the brother of Jesus, but rather His servant! WOW!

2. Do I understand that ministry IS NOT easy? James 1:2-4 (when the writer begins with these verses, that’s a big time sign!)

3. Do I understand that I should spend more time on my face before God rather than worshipping the FACEBOOK god when seeking direction? James 1:5

4. Do you think that James is trying to get a point across? It’s not going to be easy…but we are called to be “in it to win it!” James 1:12

5. Do I understand it’s not "if" I am tempted, but when…and "if" I give into it, then something WILL die? James 1:13-15

6. Do I understand that I am NOT THAT GOOD…that everything is a gift? James 1:16-18

7. How many bad decisions, arguments, and misunderstandings could be avoided if we all simply memorized and applied James 1:19-20? (Also, see James 1:26)

8. Do I understand I am not called just to preach the Word…but live it? James 1:22

9. Do I understand that showing favoritism WILL be a temptation…but I must always war against it? James 2:1-4

10. Do I understand that I am called to live and lead by faith…and if I am not taking steps of faith in my life and ministry, then my faith is DEAD? James 2:14-26

11. Do I understand the weight of James 3:1? WOW!!!

12. Do I fully understand that when I become envious and selfish, then that is simply the beginning of the end? James 3:13-18

13. Do I have the proper motives in regards to leading this ministry? James 4:1-3

14. Am I being opposed by God, or is He offering me grace? James 4:6

15. Am I using my platform (whether it is speaking or the Internet) to falsely attack, accuse, and twist people’s words around? James 4:11-12

16. Do I understand my days are numbered, that I’ve got one shot at this life, and I need to do all that I can to honor the One who called me? James 4:13-17

17. Do I understand that there are seasons of growth and seasons of preparation…and in those seasons of preparation, I should not become impatient but rather wait on God? James 5:7-8

18. Do I understand that integrity HAS to be a priority in my life and ministry? James 5:12

19. Do I understand that I cannot do this alone, that I need accountability in my life? James 5:16

20. Do I fully comprehend James 5:17-18…that Elijah was just like one of us? He literally called fire down from heaven! He prayed for rain…and it rained! I want THAT kind of faith!

21. Do I understand that ministry is messy…that I am called and expected to have tough conversations with the person that the Lord places on my heart, but in doing so, the potential is unlimited? James 5:19-20 

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