Monday, August 30, 2010

Katy Perry

One of my favorite bloggers, Zach Nielsen, has some wise words regarding Katy Perry:

I hardly ever listen to the radio anymore. I mainly listen to classical and jazz and lots of rock when I workout. But I still want to be up to date on what music is popular and thus I browse the iTunes top charts to see what is going on.

Today Katy Perry is leading the pack. Her song "Teenage Dream" is the number one song on iTunes. She is an amazing singer and apart from the completely superficial picture of relationships and sex it is a perfectly crafted pop song. Congrats to her. This is common grace on display. What a beautiful person with extremely unique musical abilities.

But Katy Perry grieves me. She is is another classic example of the "sex on a plate" female musician. Britney, Christina, Katy... and on and on. Another girl on the long list of those who embrace glorified prostitution for the sake of music sales. Scoot your chair up to the table and consume.

I am sad for Katy. She has a fabricated image that has been created by a music industry that functions as a corporate pimp. It will use her for profit and then cast her aside when they are done with her.

I am sad that millions of young girls who don't have a clue about sex and relationships will look to her lyrics as an example to follow.

I am sad because her song "Teenage Dream" is one of the catchiest pop tunes I have heard in a long time and I love listening to it. I know that I am not alone here. This song has probably already sold millions and embodied in it is view of sex and relationships that will leave so many lonely, unsatisfied, and broken. Our idols always leave us that way.

I am sad because this song will be consumed by many too young and naive to know that it's just a lie marketed to them to make lots and lots of money.

I don't blame Katy. This is the culture that we have created and enabled to exist. We pay for it and we reap the carnage of it. She is simply the next one up and more will be sure to follow. But Katy doesn't represent the real world. Like her song "Teenage Dream" that is all it is, a dream. So what do we do?

Teach your kids, especially your daughters.

Live such transparent lives with those who don't know Jesus that they sense something different is going on. I can honestly say (by God's grace alone) that I am more satisfied with and in love with my wife today after 12 years than I have ever been. But it's no "teenage dream". It is blood, sweat, and tears. Sounds a lot like crucifixion doesn't it? Yeah, nails hurt. They hurt real bad but the resurrection that follows is sweet beyond words.

Does an onlooking world see The Gospel on display in our lives and in our relationships? This is the only way to counter the destructive worldview that is preached from the radio waves and iTunes playlists. Show them and tell them that only Jesus can give us more than a "teenage dream". He gives us himself and only this will satisfy.

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  1. my favorite science teacher ever! Thanks for posting this~ sabrina




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